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Story - A Vision for the Future (Cuba)
Story - Church Grows Despite Opposition (China)
Story - Death Defeated (India)
Story - Former Monk Turned Pastor (Myanmar)
Story - Greetings in the Name of the Father (Ethiopia)
Story - Hired Hitman Immobilized (Vietnam)
Story - Rage to Redemption (Egypt)
Young Boy Saves His Family (Serbia)
The Slums of Mumbai
Ron's Adventures - The Slums of Mumbai (India)
Why Does God Allow Persecution?
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International Situation Reports
GOOD NEWS - Our Anchor Will Hold
Dear Friends, Recently, a very astute pastoral friend of mine passed along this thought to me in an email, and I believe he is absolutely correct. ... Full Story
Wednesday, July 7
GOOD NEWS - The Joy of Missions
Dear Friends, In the midst of a world gripped by the fear of COVID-19, despondency over widespread political unrest and military coups, plus panic ... Full Story
Friday, March 12