Ron's Adventures

Sleeping with the Snakes (India)
Nov. 26, 2021      Download Icon

Ron shares a story of one of his many travels to India. On this particular trip, he finds himself staying with a gracious pastor in his humble home. He discovers that he may be sharing his sleeping quarters with dangerous snakes and giant cockroaches.
A Hindu Sacrifice (India)
Mar. 13, 2020      Download Icon

A devastating experience in India has a profound effect on Ron. The urgency of sharing the Gospel has never been so apparent.
Baptized with Snakes (India)
Jan. 10, 2020      Download Icon

On a trip to India, Ron is asked to water-baptize some of the new believers in a small village. King cobras populate the area, and when something brushes up against his leg in the water, he can only pray it doesn’t have fangs!
Inside the Walls (China)
Nov. 13, 2019      Download Icon

Believers in China must do many secretive things to remain hidden from government forces, but this secret Bible School Ron saw firsthand is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
Cave Lady and Church with the Cows (China)
Oct. 3, 2019      Download Icon

Ron didn’t know what to expect when his guide led him up a hill in the middle of rural China, but what he found made a lasting impression.
10 Rules for International Travel: The Don’ts
Jun. 14, 2019      Download Icon

Ron has spent countless hours in airports and flying around the world. This fun list of what NOT to do when traveling overseas might save you from sharing a room with mice and cockroaches. One word: mothballs.
Walking Through the Valley of Death (India)
May. 22, 2019      Download Icon

High in the Himalayan Mountains where India meets Nepal, is a formerly Hindu village. The entire village turned to Christ, but how that happened is an incredible story that began with a young woman. Hear her amazing tale, plus Ron's shocking account of a perilous trip up the mountainside while tied onto the back of a horse. This adventure recalls how God miraculously protected him in not one but two separate extremely dangerous situations in a single day. To end this podcast, Ron explains the importance of "keeping on walking."
Bible School in the Wilderness (China)
May. 17, 2019      Download Icon

Ron’s adventure to visit a “very special place" in China ended up being one of the highlights of his years in missions. In this podcast, Ron shares an extraordinary visit he took to a secret location. His story is filled with amazing details and insights into one reason for the incredible growth in the Church in China following the Cultural Revolution. Hear about the lives of the students who studied here, and learn what item God preserved throughout the decades. Ron will share what he considers the “Mona Lisa” of missions. And learn why, no matter what, grace cannot be destroyed. Come along with Ron as he takes you on a rare, but extremely personal tour of a truly special Chinese Bible School in the Wilderness.
Fireballs and Flowers - Miracles in Myanmar
Mar. 22, 2019      Download Icon

In a strongly Buddhist region of Myanmar (Burma), known for demonic activity, a national church planter showed the "Jesus" film. The whole village responded to the invitation to turn to Christ! Hear the rest of the story that explains how God reached this village and demonstrated His power even as the people watched the movie. And find out why supernatural activity plays a key role in evangelism in some regions of the world.
The Amazon River by Canoe - Oh My! (Brazil)
Mar. 8, 2019      Download Icon

On an eroding and moving island in Brazil was a thriving church I was going to visit. To reach it and meet the believers, the national church leaders led us to a hollowed-out tree turned canoe. We stepped in and sat on the bottom - there were no seats. Only an inch or two of the canoe peaked above the water, barely separating us from unknown creatures in the deep. As darkness fell, a flashlight revealed pairs of eyes glowing back at us - gators we were told. That was only the beginning of a dangerous trip, but well worth the effort to see how God was working in this remote area.
The 3,000 Squat Buddhist Monk (Myanmar)
Feb. 28, 2019      Download Icon

Ron met this former Buddhist monk who also was in military intelligence on one trip to Myanmar. While still a monk, the man discovered God promised in His Word, that by trusting in Him, people could be saved and be assured of that fact. When he began to share this wonderful news, leading hundreds to Christ, the man drew attention. The police arrested him and took him to prison, but they gave him a rather strange punishment that involved stacked tables, repeated squats, and holding his earlobes. But, while doing all the physical challenges, they also told him to do one more thing, which was astonishing. Hear the rest of this incredible story on this podcast.
God's Word Shatters Darkness to Reach a Buddhist Monk (Myanmar)
Feb. 15, 2019      Download Icon

Something remarkable is happening in Myanmar (Burma) today. God is using His Word to break through darkness and shine a light on the hope found in the Gospel. When one of the top leaders in Buddhism turned to Jesus, he explained that it happened when he saw in the Bible that God keeps His promises and fulfilled them in Jesus. In this installment of Ron's Adventures, Ron recounts the rest of the amazing story.
Yes, I Really Have Been To Siberia!
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

A visit to Siberia in the 1990s, seared vivid images in Ron's mind. In this podcast, he recalls spiritual giants he met and shares a colorful commentary on travel, luggage, in-flight service, and more. Take a few moments to enjoy this hair-raising adventure.
Driving Through a Wall (Vietnam)
Sep. 14, 2018      Download Icon

We had heard a powerful move of God was happening in Dalat, in the central highlands of Vietnam. Security issues dictated that we visit at night. While there, we heard of miracles and healings and amazing dedication to Christ. As we learned what motivated the church planters, we knew our sketchy entrance to the area had led to a victorious visit.