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Godís Word Shatters Darkness to Reach a Buddhist Monk (Myanmar)
Feb. 15, 2019      Download Icon

Something remarkable is happening in Myanmar (Burma) today. God is using His Word to break through darkness and shine a light on the hope found in the Gospel. When one of the top leaders in Buddhism turned to Jesus, he explained that it happened when he saw in the Bible that God keeps His promises and fulfilled them in Jesus. In this installment of Ronís Adventures, Ron recounts the rest of the amazing story.
Yes, I Really Have Been To Siberia!
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

A visit to Siberia in the 1990s, seared vivid images in Ronís mind. In this podcast, he recalls spiritual giants he met and shares a colorful commentary on travel, luggage, in-flight service, and more. Take a few moments to enjoy this hair-raising adventure.
Driving Through a Wall (Vietnam)
Sep. 14, 2018      Download Icon

We had heard a powerful move of God was happening in Dalat, in the central highlands of Vietnam. Security issues dictated that we visit at night. While there, we heard of miracles and healings and amazing dedication to Christ. As we learned what motivated the church planters, we knew our sketchy entrance to the area had led to a victorious visit.